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The legal field is ever-evolving and fast-paced, making it critical to stay informed and ahead of the game. Comprehensive training in the latest procedures, rules, and technology is imperative to your practice’s success. MFC Support trains your team on how to be efficient and effective, giving you the defining edge in winning a case or retaining clients. Take advantage of Mabel Flores’s one and a half decades of experience working for some of the best law firms in the region to get your paralegals up to speed. Your staff will be trained under paralegal training specialists to ensure your firm runs with optimal effectiveness and efficiency in aspects such as:

Drafting legal documents
Time management
Organizational skills
Workflows and templates
Communication with insurance companies

Drafting Legal Documents

Drafting legal documents is a large and time-consuming part of the legal profession. Training legal support staff to have a thorough understanding of how to draft all kinds of legal documents is an essential part of running your practice. We train your staff in the latest standards and best practices for drafting notices, pleadings, professional letters, and any other types of legal documents you require, including responses to discovery and complex motions.

Time Management

Time is quite literally money when it comes to personal injury lawsuits, where strict statute of limitations cut the road short and a number of roadblocks can arise that require prompt handling. Even the smallest errors in paperwork can mean significant delays in processing, and inefficient – or insufficient- paralegal support can result in deadlines being missed that make or break the case. MFC Support will optimize the way your paralegal support uses time through improving workflow, training employees on the latest statutes and standards, and ensuring minimal delays occur in the workspace.

Organizational Skills

A paralegal’s job is reliant on their ability to maintain digital and paper filing systems, track time and bill clients, keep client information up to date, schedule events and meetings, and book travel. Standardized organizational processes are key to ensuring your practice runs smoothly and efficiently. MFC Support will onboard your staff with all the organizational skills necessary for a successful practice so you can focus on what matters most-your clients.

Workflows and Templates

Trial preparation and legal research require thorough analysis and careful evaluation. Our firm can engineer templates, lists, and software to aid in the success of your trial preparation process, and so your legal staff have the tools to make trial preparation go as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Throughout the pre-suit process, we help maintain the flow needed for high settlements when it comes to trial.

Effective Communication With Insurance Companies

One of the main reasons someone may hire a personal injury attorney in the first place is to have an informed party on their side to communicate with their insurer. Insurance companies are always looking out for their bottom line, and weave a number of time limits, clauses, and other details you may not notice when faithfully paying your monthly premiums. Paralegals need to be able to facilitate communication with insurance companies on your behalf and draft or interpret the legal language defining the terms of the policies when adjudicating insurance claims.

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