Paralegal Services

If you’re a personal injury attorney in need of assistance with paralegal work such as trial preparation, drafting documents, and legal research, without the hassle of hiring and training a full-time employee, MFC Support is the solution you need. Many attorneys, especially sole practitioners, need dependable support but not a full-time paralegal. Our company takes cases on a per-project basis, providing you with the flexibility to utilize our services whenever you need.

We Offer Project-By-Project Paralegal Services

Drafting Pleadings And Any Other Legal Documents

Do you need to draft any kind of legal documents? We can help you draft notices, pleadings, professional letters, and any other types of legal documents you require, including responses to discovery and complex motions.

Professional Legal Research

We are dedicated to helping your firm’s cases be as successful as possible through offering legal research services. We use best practices to search for the relevant case law to optimally support your argument, as well as compile a supporting analysis which breaks down the relevant statutes and case law that compliments or hinders each portion of your argument. We provide you with access to the best possible experts to support your case, and we use the latest legal research software to support your argument.

Our Other Paralegal Services Include:

We understand that trial preparation is incredibly stressful for both the Plaintiff and Defendants. With more than 14 years of experience working with personal injury law firms of all sizes, we know exactly how to tailor preparation and employ unique tactics. We can also formulate lists, templates, and software to help your trial preparation process go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Our other paralegal services include:

Court scheduling
Remote or in-person notary services
Public record searches
Document translation

Benefits of Outsourcing Paralegal Services

Demand for legal services is dependent on a wide range of factors, with spikes often catching small firms off guard. High-quality assistance can give lawyers the edge to win a case, but large caseloads or complicated trials can spread staff thin. Not every firm or attorney has the means to hire a full-time paralegal or support staff, making them a perfect fit for using MFC Support’s services and consulting. MFC Support offers paralegal support services according to an individual attorney or law firm’s specific needs. Further benefits gained from utilizing our paralegal services are listed below:
Save time that can be better devoted to key court proceedings and servicing the client, rather than on filling out procedural paperwork
Skip the significant hassle and overhead costs of maintaining legal assistants and the required infrastructure to sustain them
Shave away all the formal and mandatory documentation and busy work so that you can focus on your clients as well as other parts of your life
Know that your firm’s work is in dependable, experienced hands rather than having to train in paralegals

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Whether you’re an independent personal injury attorney looking to skip the hassle and expense of hiring and training a full-time paralegal or a larger personal injury law firm needing to outsource paralegal services for a specific case, MFC Support has the comprehensive paralegal services you need. Call MFC Support to schedule a consultation today.